Are You Charming Enough to Get Hired?

Are You Charming Enough to Get Hired?

This is an important question for you to consider.

Why?  Because executives hire people they like.  (Remember the book Emotional Intelligence?)  A likeable excutive will be hired over an UNlikeable one…every time.

Work in the 21st century is integrated, team oriented work.  Being able to work within a team structure is vital.  Being liked and trusted by team mates is vital.  So, assess yourself in light of a few of the following questions.

1.  Are you a pro at listening?  A good listener usually spends more time quiet in a conversation than the time s/he spends talking.  A good listener asks great questions of us, and we find that charming.

2. Do things go “in one ear and out the other” for you?  The ear must be connected to the mind.  We have all been with executives who are on their blackberries as we are delivering the presentation it took us days to develop.  And, when we have been in that position, we often feel diminished, unheard, and UNcharmed.

3.  Are you empathetic?  Some executives get unnaturally focussed on the matter at hand.  “So what if you just had your first child… where is the report I asked about?”  Not charming.

4.  Are you humble?  Much research has been devoted to the executive who wins by being nice.  Arrogance is suitable for a few people in positions like those executives in “Too Big To Fail” — for the rest of the executive population, humility is charming.

5.  Are you trustworthy?  Trustworthiness is a key to keeping long term relationships.  Relationships are dependent on the concept that “if I do something for you, I can trust that the favor will be returned.”  When was the last time you “had someone’s back”?  When was the last time you did a favor for someone — just because you could?  That is charming.

So, do you want to get hired?  Are you truly charming?   Consider the correlation.


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