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YES, you DO need an agent…

I just read an article forwarded to me from Scott Turner, one of the best MBA coaches in the city.

Don’t Bore Hiring Managers…Have Your Resume Look Be Like YOU — Interesting!

In a recent NYTimes article (see the whole article in the url below), Bing Gordon who was chief creative

A Few Words to College Grads: It really is NOT about YOU

Okay… let me get some of my own biases out first: 1.   I believe that unemployment is far higher

Grooming a World-Class Chief Executive: Part II

All of us know the importance of  self awareness, engaging stakeholders, integrity AND it is nice to have those traits

A new way that your smart phone can help get you a job….

Take a look at the new apps available that will help you think through your interview process: Enjoy!

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