Goodbye, Resume. Hello, Social Media

Goodbye, Resume. Hello, Social Media

As a national magazine announced, “Here’s a stat that will stop you in your tracks: almost 40% of human resources

The Straight Dope: Crucial First Steps to Survive “Right-Sizing”

The first week after being fired is hard — REALLY hard. Read this for some advice.

Words That Can Bring You To Your Knees…

“Fired.” “Right sized,” “terminated,” “severed,” “we’ve gone in a different direction,” “we’ve changed strategies,” “you get two weeks severance,” “good

Want my Vote? Pass this Five-Question Test!

I don’t know about you, but this last round of econocraziness in Washington has made me rethink my politics.  And

Are You Charming Enough to Get Hired?

This is an important question for you to consider. Why?  Because executives hire people they like.  (Remember the book Emotional

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