Client Testimonials

  • John Troup, Chief Scientific Officer, Metagenics

    Pat brings to us the experience, skill and capability of being a true business partner with us.  She has directly - and by her influence on her team, indirectly – made significant impact with what we do.  This is most impressively

  • Mary E. Chowning

    You did a fantastic job for us at Metagenics.  You were the right person at the right time to help us move forward.  Thanks for solving some of our thorny issues, helping us secure a great new VP of HR,

  • Key Executive and Board Member

    Thank you, Pat, for helping us transition and hire our next VP of HR. You brought order and calm to the HR team helping to navigate the some difficult issues.   You provided insights to executives as they pushed forward the

  • Freddy J. Nager

    I’ve had the distinct pleasure of offering training courses with Pat Palleschi through her company, The Executive Agency. Not only is Pat an unrivaled expertise in the fields of HR and career management, she’s also one of the most generous

  • Terri Shimohara

    I had the good fortune to work with Pat during my career transition. Pat is an amazing coach and was very effective at helping me see my strengths and to discover what I was passionate about. Pat knows what it

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