Finding Work in LA: Like finding an Asteroid before it falls….


Finding Work in LA: Like finding an Asteroid before it falls….

Why is getting work so hard?  Don’t get me started on politics, greed, old media moving too slowly, etc. – but keeping that aside there are four Large Systems Changes that have converged at the same time in Los Angeles:

1.  The “average” business size in LA has shifted downward to small/mid-sized companies.  (We have only 5 of the Fortune 500   Companies with headquarters here; NYC, by comparison, has 45!

2.  Technology Companies (“new tech” or “silicon beach companies”) are thriving but are funded by mostly Silicon Valley money. And, work is now being done in areas that were unheard of five years ago (MOOCs, medical start-ups, mobile applications, social media, etc.)

3.  Business leaders are obsessed with innovation – but a new kind of innovation (e.g. Super Bowl Blackout and Oreos  — you can still dunk in the dark ( Agility is more important than “waterfall.”

4.   Business People under 30 have NO idea what good human resources mean.  They are used to having six techies in a room throwing spitballs at one another until they have a good idea (or run out of money!).  Accelerators employ mentors who have never managed and they feel that they have “done their duty” to the human part of work if they outsource payroll. 

 Time for ANOTHER LARGE SYSTEMS CHANGE… the change to understand that innovation comes in a flash, but consistent acquisition of customers requires a really solid human resources strategy. 



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