How Can You Be Sure that Coaching Will Work?

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How Can You Be Sure that Coaching Will Work?

You can’t.

However, in a recent study done by the International Coach Federation, 99% of people who had been coached were “somewhat” or “very satisfied with the process.”  And a whopping 96% would repeat the coaching process.

But to get to those favorable odds, you must be careful to pick the right coach.

The coach you chose has the right kind of training you need –they need to have worked with your leadership level; they need to have a clear philosophy about how to coach. Of course, you will probably want to reference check your possible coaches.

There are at least three different types of coaches.

  1. There are “life coaches” who will operate much like a therapist and provide you insight into how your behaviors may be affecting your relationships, etc.
  2. There are coaches without degrees or credentials who use their unrelated experience to help you navigate difficult times.  For instance, a dancer or an actor may have experiences that will you “free up your emotions/ body” so you may be more expressive and satisfied.
  3. Finally, there are coaches who DO have specific credentials/degrees and specific processes for progressing through a coaching event.  And they often have targeted organizational experience.

The executive agency is a group of coaches from the third category above. Often TEA coaches have PhD’s/MBA’s and have had experience as leaders in large and small companies on the firing line themselves. TEA prides itself on having “been there” — we know the “politics” and the joys of working in a team. We have been successful executives. We have dealt with a strict focus on the bottom line.

Most of us have led large systems changes involving organizational restructuring. Often this has involved hiring and firing large numbers of people.  All of us have led executives through the difficult “transition period” between jobs and we know the best ways to network to find new positions.  We have facilitated groups and problem-solving teams – and led them to success.  And, of course, we have learned from our failures, so you won’t have to repeat them.

We believe that our experience and credentials will enable you to feel comfortable that you will achieve success when you enlist our support.

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