The Mission of The Executive Agency (TEA) is to work with you to achieve Business Success through your Talent.  We are a full service Agency to help you with any Human Resource Requirements.

TEA is a team of experts who work with organizations and individuals to enable the group to work to their highest potential. Our clients use us to hire the best performers who will fit with their organization, develop them to be better, and to help each executive find the right next step in his/her career within or outside the company.

This requires that TEA work on two levels: the organizational level and the individual level.

At the organizational level, we fine tune performance measurement and feedback to ensure that all involved are aligned with business requirements. Workforce planning and succession planning are tools to determine human resource needs. TEA works to develop, to implement and to improve the results of engagement data. We see comp & benefits as levers that combine with management behavior to drive culture. The Team at TEA have extensive restructuring experience: such streamlining requires rebuilding management team to drive effectiveness.

At the individual level, we have coached Presidents and Key Management to direct their energy and style toward Board-required strategic goals. TEA has worked on projects including:

  • Rapid cost-effective recruitment of all levels of talent.
  • Improving employee engagement.
  • Developing actionable succession plans.
  • Building honest communication that encourages the discussions with executives.
  • Creating employee driven career development discussions that enables managers to deal with performance. Enables sustainable employees’ growth so that they may work on their own wants and needs.
  • Workforce planning for growth and/or redeployment.
  • Resolution of sensitive employee relations issues.
  • Facilitation of team building, presentation skills and group behavior change.
  • Building innovation in companies with streamlined structures or new processes.
  • Facilitating of Acquisitions/Divestitures, etc.

TEA has worked at the C suite/Board level and the breadth of the team from very senior executives with Board Experience to Presidents of their own companies.