Never Read A Resume Again


Never Read A Resume Again

Let’s face it: The entire staffing situation is broken:  too many candidates, too many candidates with “manufactured” qualifications, too many people to talk to and still keep your business moving forward. The wonders of digital may have worked five years ago to get a flow of talent.  But now the nightmare of the digital world is that you are getting a deluge of average talent, that you have to wade through to find the best…

How do I know?   I’ve heard the complaints.

Are you overwhelmed with resumes?  Are you finding that the resumes are now “worked” to perfection so you can’t tell the wheat from the chaff?  Are you tired of continuous on line “pitches” from candidates?  Are you overwhelmed with “networking?”

Are your HR people lost?  Are you sending them resumes, and then finding that the resume is “filed” amid the hundreds that have passed the poor HR talent acquisition person’s desk?  Does the HR person even have the time to interview?

Is your executive recruiter filtering out the very person who could enable you to think differently to solve your problems?  And is he or she taking months to fill a position that you need filled tomorrow?

Join the club.

Talent Acquisition is the most discussed problem that I hear from hiring managers.  There is not a “war for talent” (wish there were!) – there is a war to distinguish talent from mediocrity.

How CAN YOU distinguish the person who will step up your business when there are hundreds who will just keep your business running in place?  Where do you look on the resume for “how the person solves problems?”   How do you determine if the candidate has REALLY created value  (not just “increased sales by X in Y time).  (Yeah, I know, I help write the resumes, so I know what people put on the resume.)

What a quandary?  You do need people to make your business work.  You need the best people – and it is so darn hard to tell who is best from a resume or cover letter.  And who has the time to do the requisite interviewing to narrow down the list of 100’s to the five or six people on which you should be spending your time.

It is time for the next revolution in Staffing.  We’ve used on line job descriptions – it is time for the next generation to use on-line services to help you solve your staffing needs – ESPECIALLY executive staffing needs.

Are you interested in joining the revolution?  Send me an email:

I will send you a non-disclosure agreement and then a description of the next generation solution to your talent acquisition problems.

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