Now What?


The Executive Agency Presents:

A Career-Transition Program for Women

This workshop is for the woman who wants to create her future. It’s not for the person whose main goal is simply to get through the day. It’s for the woman who wants to take time to design her next steps. Make your life what you want it to be in each of the activities that fill your day! You choose the purpose of your life and fill your days with activities that support that purpose.
It’s your turn to declare who you are! Where have you been? Where has that led you? And from here, where do you want to go? This workshop is a pause in the action for you to reflect on where you are and where you want to be- not based on other’s agendas, but on what is right for you.

For years you may have been focused on other people’s dreams. You may have raised children, cared for a loved one or helped others through school. You may have devoted yourself to building your career, and as you head into the next phase of life, you want to tap into those areas of pleasure you’ve put on hold for the past twenty or thirty years. Now what?!

Join us as we help you rediscover your hidden talents, your overlooked passions, your dormant hobbies. Let’s remove the obstacles and re-package all that energy. Let’s tap into those interests and design the next stage of your life. It’s Your turn!

Commit yourself to a plan of action!

The next “Now What?!” workshop will take place from 1-5pm on Wednesday, July 23 and from 9am-4pm on Thursday, July 24, in the conference room at 11500 Olympic Boulevard, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90064, with a cap of ten women to enable personalized coaching.

The cost is $495 for the ten hour workshop, which includes lunch and a free white paper, entitled, “Career Attack!” Or, if you call to reserve a space in advance, we will accept cash or check for $495.00 on the first day of the workshop.

Marci Maniker, Organization Development Consultant and Founder, Women’s Journeys, and Pat Palleschi, Founder of The Executive Agency, will be facilitating the career/life-transition program, specifically designed for women.

For more information, please call Pat Palleschi at (310)312-4595 or Marci Maniker at (310)559-4056.

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Looking forward to having you in the workshop!