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Whether you’ve already built your team or are hiring now, you need top talent working at the top of their game. That’s where we come in. We’re specialists in hiring, training, retention and outplacement. We also help companies of all sizes create performance cultures that solve problems, generate ideas, and foster growth.

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  Hiring and On Boarding The Best and Brightest                           

Creation of a Performance Culture  Keeping the People that Matter and Helping Those that Don’t  
Outcome:  Increase your ROI on each person you hire by clearly indicating success measures prior to hire Outcome:  A Culture focused on rapid problem solving with teams devoted to solving problems across divisions Outcome: Coach to performance improvement, identify “dysfunctional turnover” and indicate specific individuals who are vital to the Company
Hire for smarts, skills, attitude and top notch thought process and problem solving skills:  Use exercises, simulations, etc. Create clarity of expectations about performance with attendant metrics tied to rewards that transcend individuals or teams. Identify the people who can identify, solve and implement challenges across functions;  people who don’t perform 


Standardize hiring processes across the Company identifying by position the Behaviors, Exercises and Questions that drive the hiring process;  Use leaders from across the company to hire;  Clarify prior to “start date” what the expectations are for success and the results of non performance.


Provide immediate, non-evaluative feedback open to the entire group; permit employee time to tinker with failure and innovation; Use high potentials to lead problem solving efforts. Use team facilitation to cross lines to solve problems. Train in BI.  Use BI techniques to address challenges.


Use social mapping to identify the people in functions who are required to achieve the almost impossible which you ask of them.  Use BI techniques to drive appropriate turnover and a lean organization. Consistently measure ROI of each headcount against expected returns.