Starting a New Job in the New Year

Starting a New Job in the New Year

Okay… starting a new job is like starting a new year… you get to act and perform differently.

Here are a few tips that will help you enter a new company:

  1. Try to meet all your key stakeholders BEFORE your start date.
  2. Try to influence the internal (and external) announcement of your new position.
  3. Identify all your key stakeholders and have a formal meeting with them where you ask, “What can I do for you?”
  4. Remember that your boss is a key stakeholder.
  5. Ask your boss, “What is our mission?”  and “What are the impediments to accomplishing our mission?”
  6. At some time during your first 30 days, ask your boss what “success” would look like at your 90 day point, 6 month point and your 1 year anniversary.  Put those items into objectives for yourself.  Work with your boss to develop and implement the objectives
  7. Set up a regular meeting schedule with your boss.  (And other key stakeholders!)
  8. Create a “stump speech” that describes your role in the company from the point of view of your stakeholders.
  9. Use your stump speech whenever you can:  at other group’s staff meetings, lunches, etc.

You can find many more ideas like these in Michael Watson’s The First Ninety Days or George Brandt’s The First 100 Days.  Both books are excellent.

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