Goodbye, Resume. Hello, Social Media

Goodbye, Resume. Hello, Social Media

As a national magazine announced, “Here’s a stat that will stop you in your tracks: almost 40% of human resources managers believe that resumes will eventually be replaced by user profiles on social networking (social media) sites.”

You and I have seen this in action with political candidates announcing their candidacy on twitter. Annoying?  Well, I personally have had someone check my linkedin when they sat down at a luncheon table with me. (I guess he thought I couldn’t see what he was doing with his fingers and phone under the table!) Clearly, my profile was not what interesting to him, because he talked only to others at the table.  The combination of job scarcity, talent excess, and easy access to information enables people – and hiring managers — to find out about you before the salad is served – and if your profile is not compelling enough, you won’t be taking to them over the entre.

This is, like all things, a challenge and an opportunity.  Executives have to begin to treat their linked in profile like their virtual calling card.  They have to mine tweets to find out where the jobs of the future may lie.  And (despite my own desire to avoid it) they need to build a facebook page.

A marketing expert I know, Freddy Nager from Atomic Tango stresses the importance of joining groups on linkedin, tweeting, and building a website to make yourself known before you are on the job market.  So, it is not just joining a linked in group…it is important to participate in the group by making insightful, thoughtful remarks.

And, for the few who are holding on to their resumes – it is not just a one or two page typed document anymore.  I have clients who have put downloadable videos on their resumes, used color to highlight accomplishments and sidebar boxes to add positive recommendations from their colleagues and bosses.  It is now not unusual to have pictures on resumes.

What does this mean for you?  Differentiate yourself using social media while you have a job so when you look for your next one, you will already be seen and known as an expert.

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