The Politics of Jobs

The Politics of Jobs

Warning – Read This ONLY if you are ready to be ANGRY.


Ok, we’ve seen the State of the Union and the Republican Response…Lots of words, but conspicuous was what was missing.

If you are like me  (a political junky) you were probably struck by the same thing on Tuesday evening.

In all the posturing, the mentioning of people and places who need job creation – SoCal was mentioned – NOT AT ALL.

According to  Washington has TWO job postings for every unemployed person.  San Jose, Columbus, St. Paul, Hartford, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Raleigh, Milwaukee, New Orleans (!), Richmond, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh and Austin ALL have ONE job posting for every unemployed person.

The rest of the major metropolitan areas (numbers 17-38) have one posting per TWO unemployed persons.

Los Angeles …. You know this, you can feel this, and you can see this Los Angeles has ONE OPENING FOR EVERY FOUR UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE.

Why is this not getting national attention?  Why wasn’t a person from LA sitting next to Michelle Obama as an example of what is wrong with our nation?  Is it that LA does not count in the primaries?

Or is it because we have a reputation as being in “LaLa Land”?

Well, I for one am tired of it.  Let’s Occupy Washington to fight for the jobs that Los Angeles deserves.   Washington has TWO many jobs – let’s get them to feel some pain.  Let’s have Washington send their “extra” jobs to a place that needs them.  Los Angeles.

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