Three Steps to a Better Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Three Steps to a Better Elevator Pitch

No one likes their own elevator pitch… and most people feel uncomfortable giving one.  Just to prove the point, I asked the members of my team (people who teach others how to “pitch”) to provide their own personal “pitch” which they give the outside world.

What I found is that the best pitches are short and have at least three sections. And even the experts hate giving their own pitch!

Section One:  A Clear Description of Who You Are Professionally

For instance:

 “I am a marketing communications strategist with twenty-plus years in advertising and media. I currently teach university students and work with corporate clients to provide them tools on how to achieve their business and professional goals. I am that rare breed of person who can be both critical and creative.”  (Freddy Nager of Atomic Tango)

“I am an Organization Development Consultant who helps organizations using behavioral sciences to work more effectively at whatever it is that they do.”  (Marco Cassone)

Section Two:  A Statement in Plain English about what you are looking forward to do as a professional.

For instance:

“I am planning to shift my focus from doing marketing for clients to doing train the trainer sessions for clients to help corporations do their own marketing more effectively.”  (Freddy Nager)

“I look forward to working with executives who have interpersonal and/or strategic skills that are blocking their upward mobility.”  (Irv Margol)

“I am expanding the products my business and services that my firm offers to include hiring/onboarding; building a performance culture; and jettisoning non-performers.”  (Pat Palleschi)

Section Three (Optional):  A Brief Overview of Your Skills and Accomplishments

“I have worked at a top Ad Agency, done University Teaching at the Graduate level; I went to Harvard for my BA and USC for my MBA.” (Freddy Nager)

“I have over forty years of working with and for senior executives.  I am a great listener and I provide honest feedback to the executives with whom I partner.”  (Irv Margol)

So, you can see how the “experts” describe themselves.

I’ll bet you can do just as well – or even better.

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